Thursday, December 4, 2014

Making Peace with Too Much Information, the Holiday Season and Big Ten Football

I got a late start this year. So yesterday I sent a box request to Steel Hill, our off-site storage vendor, to get my box of holiday paraphernalia.  I celebrate Christmas, I mean Hanukah, I mean Kwanza, I mean Unique Snowflake Fest. Anyway, I wanted to get my box so I can adorn my office. And that got me thinking that if everyone in my company did what I do, we would be spending loads of unnecessary dough on storing crud. And that got me thinking about how much money we could save getting rid of crud. And that got me thinking about what crud really is? And well, that got me thinking that I forgot to wish you a happy holidays. But let me come back to that in a minute.

Shockingly, this past year we were engaged many times to deal with cleaning up the boxes of crud at off-site storage vendors for big company clients.  That is significant for a few reasons. One, because companies now understand keeping unneeded information carries with it real costs. Two, even boxes of paper have become the target to save money (given that most info costs are related to electronic stuff). Three, we have been in a nearly all-electronic business world for years now, so dealing with paper now seems odd. Four, companies seemingly forgot about the boxes, but hopefully now are getting reacquainted as they get their annual bill and are asking why store crud? Five, getting rid of boxes of paper carries with it a cost which may be higher than the annual cost to keep the boxes and that reality may impact clean-up efforts.

Oh, Happy Holidays-whatever it is that you celebrate. Be safe, healthy and live joyously.  

And all that holiday sweet talk got me thinking about New Years. And that got me thinking about chicken wings. Don’t ask. And that got me thinking about New Year’s resolutions, which by the way I’m generally not a fan of. But as the old adage goes, “do as I say, not as I do”.  So please take to heart my sincere request to: Save a Tree; Go Green; Live Simply; and Create a smaller carbon footprint. Help your company clean up its crud this year. Take on the personal drives, email system, or even the boxes of curd ready for disposition.  Tis the season to “Rightsize Your Information Footprint”.  And that means get rid of your crud.  And that got me thinking about chicken wings. And that got me thinking about what cute sweater I was going to wear to the Unique Snowflake Fest party this weekend. And because my sweater is red, that got me thinking about the Wisconsin Badgers beating Ohio State this weekend.  Jump Around!