Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Kahn's 8 Steps to Defensible Disposition Nirvana

1. Define a reasonable diligence process to assess the business needs and legal requirements for continued information retention and/or preservation, based on the information at issue.
2. Select a practical information assessment and/or classification approach, given information volumes, available resources, and risk profile.
3. Develop and document the essential aspects of the disposition program to ensure quality, efficacy, repeatability, auditability, and integrity.
4. Develop a mechanism to modify, alter, or terminate components of the disposition process when required for business or legal reasons.
5. Assess content for eligibility for disposition, based on business need, record retention requirements, and/or legal preservation obligations.
6. Test, validate, and refine as necessary the efficacy of content assessment and disposition capability methods with actual data until desired results have been attained.
7. Apply disposition methodology to content as necessary, understanding that some content can be disposed with sufficient diligence without classification.
8. On an ongoing basis, verify and document the efficacy and results of the disposition program and modify and/or augment the process as necessary.