Thursday, February 21, 2013

Get Your Information Retention Under Control

Most sizable companies spend millions or tens of millions of dollars every year storing unneeded business content.  So please don’t get me started about the fallacious “storage is cheap” hokum.

The CIO is tired of having his dog wagged by the legal tail whose mantra is getting old. It sounds like this-- “But wait, WHAT IF we need that one document for a lawsuit and its gone”. So don’t get me started about how we should keep everything just in case there is a lawsuit down the road for which we need a specific document. That approach is contrary to your records policies and makes little or no sense.

Ok this is the reality, you can’t keep everything forever, buy you are afraid. If only I could hear it from a judge that would make me comforted.

Your wish is my command. I’m a Defensible Disposition fairy.

A lawyer seeks to justify why her company needs to keep all information.
“…part of the reason eDiscovery is so expensive is because companies have so much data, that serves no business need, but it’s so easy just to keep it there…. I think despite the economy, companies are going to realize that it’s important to get their information retention, their information governance under control, get rid of the data that has no business need and mine the data that has business needs – you know the so called Big Data – things like that in ways that will improve the company's bottom line on the business side and reduce costs on the eDiscovery side as a benefit as well.”

United States Federal Magistrate Judge Andrew J. Peck, “JD Supra Law News,” February 4, 2013.