Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Bad Information Can Be Deadly

Bad info kills. Is it true that Yemen officials gave US bad intelligence info prompting a missile strike which killed a Yemeni Political instead of an al Qaeda leader as the US was told? Acting on bad info in any business impacts results in major kinds of ways. No doubt Jabir Shabwani, a guy “mistakenly” killed would agree that bad info can be deadly.

Are You Killing Me?

Read more in the Wall Street Journal, “U.S. Doubts Intelligence That Led to Yemen Strike” on December 29, 2011

Take Information Management Seriously

Criminal charges are being brought against BP engineers for the disaster of the Deep Horizon—the Gulf explosion that took 11 lives and created the worst environmental accident in US history. Apparently, the guys gave bad information to regulators which down played the risks of the deep water drilling operations. You think if the engineers, who are being CRIMINALLY prosecuted, got a “do over” they would make the same decisions as before. If providing bad information, destroying needed information and not retaining information can be the basis of prosecution than we should be taking its management more seriously?

Just saying, Are You Kidding Me?

Read more in the Wall Street Journal “Criminal Charges Are Prepared in BP Spill” December 29, 2011.