Thursday, December 8, 2011

A Silly Little GLITCH. . . Really???

Repeat after me-when information is in electronic form, the accuracy doesn’t matter, provided that a GLITCH caused the issue. And if there are mistakes in the data, there is no harm because it is caused by a silly little old GLITCH. Take for example, the English organ transplant organization, that had to admit to the government and all those nice people waiting for an organ transplant that it made a small boo-boo. Well, it wasn’t the people that made the mistake, it was a computer glitch. Therefore the downside is rather limited—right?

“The health organisation, which is responsible for the Organ Donation Register (ODR), was found to have recorded the preferences of 444,031 people incorrectly due to a software error which dated back to 1999.”

Imagine a middle aged peaked chap, (let’s call him Nigel as that seems brilliantly British) was waiting patiently on the list for a liver and his life depended on it. Because of the GLITCH the transplant list indicated that he was waiting on a butt transplant from a brilliant member of the staff at a prestigious university. And he waits and waits and the butt never shows up.

What’s the big deal about waiting. Imagine, several livers happened by that would have been a match for Nigel but he never was notified because he was looking for a smart @$$.

Are You Kidding Me.