Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Harness your information

Often clients ask how do I sell information management without FUD (Fear, uncertainty, doubt)? When we help sell Records Management or any information management initiative we always lead with “faster, better, cheaper” or the business value. Stop it - RIM doesn’t make us a better business. If you think that's true, one client who built a RIM program from the ground up received the Business Process Improvement award for the entire company for their efforts.

Another example of the utility of harnessing information. On March 10, it was reported that after 50 years of looking for a new drug for Lupus, being able to better mine data from the human genome has allowed new therapies to come to light. You might say that is BI - business intelligence. We are now using the same machine learning algorithmic tools to do retention as these folks use to do BI. Get with the program. The world keeps changing and you need to get on the clue bus.


Joshua Smith said...

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