Thursday, January 27, 2011

Time to take it more seriously.

Information Kills. Seems sort of dramatic, I know. Over the weekend I was reading a New York Times article entitled, “Information Law Empowers Indians, but Some Pay Terrible Price.” It is about a new law in India that allows citizens to get government information. Sort of like our Freedom Of Information Act. Seems like a good thing for governance and oversight. However, as you read the story, what is clear is that when folks ask for information and get close to the old way business is done, which may not be totally clean, the old power brokers start to care. So as folks garner information that exposes some of the questionable business dealings, the requesters are getting killed. You hear similar stories in Russia where journalists are being offed when they expose business power brokers. Another example, was the story of the imprisonment of the Chinese person who had a website to share information about melamine-tainted milk in China. That person is doing hard time for making information available.

That got me thinking Massey mines and dead miners and how information management failures played a role. I wrote about that many times in the past. Then I started thinking about Wiki leaks exposing information about the identity of Afghan intelligence “friends” of the US. And, that got me thinking about how important information is today. We don’t think about it as “life or death” stuff. But if information is the life blood of today’s business than perhaps you need to take it more seriously.

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