Monday, January 31, 2011

Proper information tracking is crucial

I have written about a data base snafu that may have contributed to the death of 29 miners in a Massey mine last year. As you may recall, the mine safety folks tracked safety infractions by mine, not by the owner of the mine. As it turns out certain companies may not be as good as others on safety. So, tracking and penalizing them by mine owner is likely more effective than by mine. Recently the Mine Safety Agency was trying to change a law by prohibiting a mine with many infractions to change their name to avoid penalties. Well, go back to the intent of the law — it's to protect miners. Track needed information about safety infractions by owner and penalize them when they fail. Information should travel with the owner of a mine not with the current named entity. Use some common sense here fellas. R U kidding me.


Joshua Smith said...

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