Friday, January 28, 2011

It's about evidence

In 1998, Muslim terrorists exploded two trucks outside US embassies in Tanzania and Kenya, killing 224 and maiming thousands more. One of the terrorists was recently tried for these heinous crimes in a “regular” court instead of a military court. This really bad guy was at Guantanamo Bay (with other "ALLEGED" terrorists)and at some point was subjected to “naughty” interrogation methods. As a result, the prosecution in our “regular” court didn’t use important evidence against our bad guy so he was only convicted of “conspiracy” and not 280 other more serious counts. But at least he was brought to justice 12 years after the slaughter and after spending millions of our tax dollars to give the bad guy a fair trial in a regular court. Did I tell you he was not a citizen?

I KNOW I AM NOT SUPPOSED TO GRACE MY BLOGS WITH POLITICS BUT THE STORY IS ABOUT EVIDENCE SO ITS OK. Besides, I was true to form by being sarcastic. Why does this not sit well with me?

Are you kidding me