Monday, January 10, 2011

Are you a corporate hoarder?

I was driving the other day and got to a stop light and noticed the guy next to me in an older car. His car was filled to the brim with old newspapers except where he was sitting. I was driving with my kids and they were dumbstruck as they had never seen a hoarder before. I said the guy had “packratitis” and perhaps some other maladies. I have thought of that guy and his papers many times since then. Putting aside any issues he may have, even though the papers are in a confined area does he expect to find something in the pile? Could he find an article quickly if he needed to? What is the behavior around hoarders that makes them more comforted with all this stuff around them?

That got me thinking about where we are in the business lifecycle now. Lawyers and maybe some technology folks are compounding the corporate hoarder mentality that already confounds us. So much stuff, and no desire to get rid of it even if it makes us less efficient, creates a liability or overwhelms the systems. My resolution for you this year. Get over it.

Hoarders-you are hereby put on notice. Enough. Stop the madness. End the chaos. Clean house Now.

R U kidding me.


Aaron Taylor said...

Mr. Kahn:
Just a bit of "tongue-in-cheek" response to your entertaining blog...perhaps we should consider these hoarders as part of the initial impetus for classification. Without knowing for sure, I could imagine such an individual being very obsessed with being able to find specific articles, a dedication to dwelling on the minutia of a topic. So they might get home with their prize, and sort into piles upon piles according to some probably incomprehensible "file plan", if you will. And then, when the moment strikes, they can dive into their trove with a sense of "Aha, I have that!" And a records management moment occurs.

Then again, perhaps not...but all in fun to imagine.


Aaron Taylor