Monday, November 8, 2010

We need responsible gate keepers.

Weeks ago, there was a leak of thousands of classified military documents on a website called Wikileaks. Mr Assange, the guy (a former hacker) who runs WikiLeaks fashions himself a modern day information “Robin Hood”—giving information gold to the average guy who would otherwise not have such access. In this case, a military guy (currently being court-martialed for this and other breaches of classified military secrets) ALLEGDEDLY gave Wikileaks tens of thousands of pages of classified documents which were then published to the world. Now that is serious “generosity.” Besides fame, news coverage, and being vaulted onto the international media stage, why did Assange make such a “generous” gesture? (At this point, my kids would say ‘dad stop being so sarcastic’) Take from the information rich and give to the information poor. Sounds great. But wait, there is more to this story. In the documents that were exposed was information about folks who were working clandestinely with the US military to deal with combatants in Iraq or Afghanistan, etc. When Wikileaks shared the stolen classified information, it not only shared military secrets but exposed the identity of locals helping the US military. To the extent that any “helper” was assassinated for his trouble in helping the US military, do you think their families consider Mr. Assagne a Robin Hood? I consider him wholly irresponsible with information. In this world where information flows, sometimes too freely, I want gate keepers who are responsible and thoughtful about the consequences of their actions. Hey Mr. Assange, you’re no Robin Hood in my book. Are you kidding me.