Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Too much information???

When is information too plentiful? When information is too plentiful does it become less useful? Are you kidding me.

BBC reported today on a Washington Post investigation. Here is some of the conclusion.
“Secret US intelligence gathering has grown so much since 9/11 no-one knows its exact cost, nor how many people are involved, the Washington Post reports.”
According to the Washington Post:
• Some 854,000 US citizens have the highest level of security clearance
• A fifth of the US government's anti-terror organisations have been created since the September 2001 attacks
• More than 250 security bodies have been created or restructured since 9/11
• More than 30 complexes with 17m sq ft of space (1.6 sq m) have been built for top-secret intelligence work in the Washington area since the attacks
• Various agencies publish so many reports these are often ignored by officials