Friday, July 2, 2010

It's broken. Let's fix it.

I had a conversation with a colleague yesterday that made me think everything I have already been thinking is not only true, it is truth. He is OLD SCHOOL. Old is pain, lethargy, slow and no longer nimble. School is out for the summer. Change in the information management world is not good, it is essential and foundational. Transformation of the rules that tell us what to do with information is not just needed, it is the only path forward. Without this major transformation in the way we think about information, we will never get the problem under control. Simplicity should not be a guiding force, it must be presumed and the base from which we start. Purest dogma, or anything like it as it relates to how we manage, must be done today so we can start fresh tomorrow. Placing a veil of ignorance on your head(a no brainer for many of us anyway), is the only way to solve the problem without being clouded by past ideas that did not work anyway.
If you don’t understand what I am saying, then let me help you. There are 1800 new exabytes of data that will be created next year which is double the amount of new data created this year. Organizations couldn’t manage the information that they had 5 years ago when volume was way lower-so why will they even have a fighting chance now. ITS TOTALLY BROKEN AND UNFIXABLE. SO DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT. I WANT YOUR HELP TO CHANGE THE INDUSTRY. ARE YOU IN?