Monday, May 3, 2010

Records tell the story.

Coal mining is dangerous. In fact it is one of the most dangerous jobs out there. That is why compliance is a big deal in mining. That is why laws tend to be rather prescriptive in mining. That is why good records management is a must in mining. But we will come back to that shortly.

So a couple guys die in a mine a while ago. I guess it’s part of the hazards of the job. For the family it is an overwhelming tragedy that they will never forget. And it’s good that mine companies retain records because that way we know when they are doing what they’re supposed to. So the president of the company that was subject to one of the most horrific accidents in mining history—remember the one on April 6 that killed 29 American miners, a memo from him seems relevant to the accident. Now I might be taking it out of context or misinterpreting it but seems interesting. According to the Wall Street Journal Article covering the story, among other things, the memo states “If any of you have been asked by your group presidents, your supervisors, engineers, or anyone else to do anything other than run coal (i.e. build overcasts, do construction jobs, or whatever) you need to ignore them and run coal”

Given that attitude it is shocking there was yet another mine accident killing 29 people. Are You Kidding me?