Monday, April 26, 2010

Time for Policy Review

From time to time I like to check and see how our policies are being followed by our clients. Whether a records management, legal hold email back-up or internet use policy, it’s always instructive for us to see where we can evolve in policy work or how we can redouble our efforts with clients to attain compliance. When we see failure that is too pervasive, perhaps we need to do some more training for our clients. More generally, I read the papers to see how industry is doing as well. So let’s take a look, shall we. Today is Saturday April 24, 2010. I read the Wall Street Journal and found an article directly on point, entitled “Workers Punished In SEC Porn Flap”. Now that salacious title peaked my curiosity so I read on. “Thirty-three people at the agency (SEC) were found to have looked at porn.” According to a Congressman on the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, said it was “’nothing short of disturbing’ that SEC employees viewed porn during the worst financial crisis since the Depression” The Congressional report into the government employee smut watching noted, among some really tasty morsels of information, that an SEC attorney in Washington “spent up to eight hours a day watching pornography… an accountant in a regional office was denied access by the government firewall 16,000 times when he tried to access web pages containing pornography.”

Well far be it for me to be my Brother’s Keeper. But these guys at the SEC sure could use a policy review session or perhaps an Information Management Compliance Boot Camp weekend retreat.

Are You Kidding Me — Though I wasn’t there, seems like maybe the SEC is not doing its job.