Thursday, April 22, 2010

Can your PII walk out the door?

Everybody thinks it’s funny until someone gets hurt. Well maybe they don’t think it’s funny but employees certainly fail to take Personal Identifiable Information (PII) seriously and as a result companies get nailed regularly for its mismanagement. Recently, a company made national headlines because it stored the PII for over 3.3 million people on removable media which was stolen from their corporate headquarters. The good news is that the suspect is in custody and it appears that the data contained on the disks was not accessed. But will the public or customers remember the good news or just the bad? PII walked out of the doors of the corporation’s headquarters and was in the hands of a thief for over 2 weeks. Talk about the potential for mass identity theft. Organizations need to take more proactive measures to protect their data and their client’s data.

Are you kiddin’ me.