Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Expensive and inconvenient. Really?

A coffee purveyor from Seattle with great coffee and cool employees, (not to mention any names) gets involved in a business dispute with another company who fails to produce email, among other things. In the discovery process the company argues that the email should not have to be produced because it was not “reasonably accessible because of undue burden or cost.” In a world where we use so many great business productivity tools every day, by now all companies should expect to be required to manage the contents and make it available when needed for audits, litigation or investigation. It is too late in the process to be arguing expense and inconvenience when we use the tools everyday to be a more efficient business. Are you kidding me. Of course the court sanctioned the whiners.


Larry Medina said...

Know exactly what you mean here. This is another one that caught my eye.


$35k is a *high cost* for discovery?? I think at minimum, I would have offered to pay half the cost, if I thought there was a high chance of finding anything, or would have offered to pay the whole cost and request a reimbursement of 50% if it proved to be other than a fishing expedition