Thursday, January 28, 2010

Tales From the “Not So Swift” Employee Archive

An employee is on his way to the mailroom. Correction, an employee is on his way to the lunchroom. Correction, an employee is on his way to his cubicle to do some more on-line shopping during lunch as he texts his friend about the hottie sitting next to him in his “borrowed” office cubicle (as he normally works at home). Not surprising he is using his company-provided phone. By the way, his company doesn’t have a mailroom anymore as there is no need and people don’t eat during lunch they shop on-line or troll the internet for a weird You Tube video. Anyway, As our youthful employee gropes the texting keys he runs right into a Stuart, the Big Boss- who falls to the ground, fracturing his ego. Thank goodness the new law against texting while driving doesn’t apply in the halls of the work place. After putting together his phone and helping Stu to his feet he sends a text to a vendor stating “got the revised proposal. It looks good. We would like to move forward asap”. You make the call-- Do you think the company needs A) a doofis policy; B) a records policy applied to every communication device known to mankind or c) a social networking policy? At least B & C and maybe all of the above.
R U Kidding Me.