Friday, January 8, 2010

Information Determines Our Fate

We live in an information nation. In deed it's almost an information world. And increasingly that information can be used to determine our fate. One case in point is the recent “Christmas Day Bomber” scare. The young man’s dad tells the CIA about the violent proclivities of his son on more than one occasion and worries that he may do something stupid like blow something up including himself. The young man is from a target country that we are concerned about. He has trained and learned radical Islam making him a good candidate to be concerned about. The young man buys a one way ticket. Big Red Flag. He pays cash. Another red flag. The problem was the young man didn’t even make it on the “no fly” list but he did make it on a lower level list. The USA Today story about the failure called it “one database failure after another”. Brilliant.

Are You Kidding Me.