Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Policy on New Texting Liablility

Kahn Consulting was addressing a social networking retention policy recently when our client commented—“text messaging was going to be the death of us all.” While she was referring to the retention, technology, litigation issues caused by the beloved texts, I was struck later that day because as I got to the airport I read a commentary entitled “Death to Texting”. Putting aside the RIM issues, the opinion piece struck me—“The Virginia Tech Transportation Institute found truckers sending text messages are 23 times more likely to cause a crash or near-crash than a nontexting trucker.” While it seems a bit a field from RIM stuff I usually write about. What happens if your organization supplies text enabled phones and an employee while texting during work hours causes an accident? Maybe company policy needs to cover this newish liability issue. Just my opinion.

Are you kidding me—only about 20 states have laws prohibiting texting while driving.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

RIM Rules. . . Follow Them!

I was reading the reading another major drug company embroiled in litigation and was struck by the reality that the two central pieces of evidence that are exposing the company to great potential cost and expense are two things that if they followed one our policies would not have even existed to begin with. Voicemail messages are one target and the other is draft documents. The February 27, 2009 Wall Street Journal article states in pertinent part that “…the document written by Dr. Geller doesn’t accurately reflect the company’s position in 2000. In fact, it was not Dr. Geller’s ultimate view either. It was an initial draft for discussion purposes… In response to a plaintiffs’ attorney’s question, Dr. Geller responded that the statement was an artifact of an earlier discussion document.”

Makes a pretty strong case for RIM rules and following them

Are you kidding me, a lawsuit whose evidence is stuff that should not exist to begin with.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Take your eMail serious

According to the August 6, 2009 Wall Street Journal the US Post Office lost 2.4 Billion dollars last quarter because of the bad economy and the use of email.

There are hundreds of billions of email daily. If your company is still failing to take email seriously, then the need to get their act together. The email business tool has transformed the way we do business. Seeing it as a storage problem is stupid and old school. Are you kidding me.