Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Only 5% ??

Would your CEO be proud if the employees properly retained only 5% of records. Would the court entertaining your company’s next lawsuit be entertained if you disclosed that only 5% of responsive information was produced in the lawsuit. Ouch. You’re killing me.
How about this Wall Street Journal story, “Intelligence Agencies’ Databases to Be Linked” in which the following was disclosed “… nearly five years after the intelligence community was rebuked by the 9/11 commission for failing to “connect the dots” and detect the attack…New technology is addressing a more basic problem…Spies often have trouble emailing colleagues…email addresses aren’t readily accessible, and messages sometimes get eaten by security filters.“Today, an analyst’s query might scan only 5% of the total intelligence data in the U.S. government, said a senior intelligence official. ” Wall Street Journal, 2/22/09