Friday, October 23, 2009

Not following policy -- BAD!

Information Nation: 7 Keys to Information Management Compliance is a book about protecting the company from the stoopid, intentional, malicious and negligent acts of its employees. It reveals a compliance methodology for any RIM program to adhere to and many need it.

There was an article in the USA Today that makes the point about why following policy and auditing to make sure it is being adhered to, is essential. In the article entitled, “Serious Hazmat spills not reported", the author makes clear that while the law requires reporting dangerous contamination leaks that over half of the serious ones don’t get reported and such unreporting goes unpunished. In our world, if RIM rules aren’t pushed to employees through policy, trained and audited they wont work because they won’t be applied. If you want a fighting chance that RIM can work, you better incent employees—your job and your pay will be impacted—so you better care.

Having laws or policy and not following them is bad business.

How can over 50% of bad environmental spills happen without consequence?
According to the Kahn Consulting GRC Survey, only about 20% of employees get their retention responsibilities right and shockingly 16% understand their discovery obligations. How has e-discovery become a multi-billion dollar business overnight.
Are you kidding me.