Monday, October 12, 2009

Are you getting your RIM right??

Understand that RIM needs to be pushed out with a proper communications plan—bad communication means it may not get the attention it deserves. So remember getting RIM right requires; policy, training and a communications plan followed by auditing. Anything less is failure.

Which message has the desired effect?
A. “The records management policy helps the company be a more profitable company because an average employee spends about 150 hours per year spent looking for information …”
B. “Do it, if you want your check…”
C. Following the records management policy allows us to be a more efficient business by having ready access to customer information, which in this environment may be the difference between winning and losing …

We were retained to perform a gap analysis on the RIM program at a large company and during the interview process the records manager was asking our opinion of messaging the importance of her program with the amount of money that could be saved by applying retention rules to the offsite boxes…blah, blah, blah.

If you are a Forest Gump RIM professional clinging to this notion that the CEO cares about the hard costs of storing some extra boxes, let me be the bearer of bad new, “life is Not like a box of records”. What the CEO is thinking is well beyond that cost issue, so you better have something better in your arsenal to sell your RIM program. Are you kidding me.