Monday, July 6, 2009

Read the following excerpt from the Wall Street Journal and tell me, what is the failure to be addressed:

“In an Aug. 15, 2005, voicemail messages addressed to company salespeople, an . . . employee . . . followed up on a “weight and diabetes sell sheet” they had recently been sent.” “. . . the document written by Dr. Geller doesn’t accurately reflect the company’s position in 2000. In fact, it was not Dr. Geller’s ultimate view either. It was an initial draft for discussion purposes.” “In response to a plaintiffs’ attorney’s question, Dr. Geller responded that the statement was “an artifact of an earlier discussion document.” WSJ 2/27/2009.

So what is the failure? For every drug that is used by the public, there will be at least one person who blames that drug for some harm—real or imagined and who will sue. In the instant case, two things that did not need to exist, ultimately sell the company down the river. Why didn’t company make clear drafts should be disposed when the final is created and VM, as a temporal message environment would not be retained.